Leather Book Making

In September / October of 2018 TLAYF and DestinyInternational Business Institute (DIBI) offered its first Short EducationalCourse to the young adults in our local community.  This course, “Leather Book Making” wasoffered over the time period of seven days. Because we were able to plan and secure financial funds all associatedcost were covered and each student was able to attend without any financialhardship.  This program was attended bysixteen (16) students, each completed the course and received theircertification in “Leather Book Making”. The books that were made are now being marketed to local schools, wehope to join in annual partnership with these schools providing school booksfor their children. All profits from the sale of the books will go back intoTLAYF small business endeavor where members will continue to produce books andoversee all aspects of this business. Cost associated with this outreach totaled 2395780 UGX or 485 GBP.

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