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Ugandan Children Return to School January 2022

On January 10th 2022 Ugandan schools reopened after being closed for most of 2020 and 2021. Ugandan schools were closed for over 80 weeks during this time period. Many of our MCC Kampala children were unable to return due to lack of financial means.

At this time we are in prayer that educational sponsors will help our children. Year to date we have ten sponsors helping the children. Four are supported by our sister church Spirit of Hope MCC in Kansas City USA as well as six other individual sponsors.

Fees for sponsoring a child are as follows:

Kindergarten through Primary 1 – 6 is approximately $550.00 USD or 1938350/= UGX annually (three semester in a year)

Boarding Secondary school S1 – 4 is approximately $1260.00 or 4440588/= UGX annually (three semesters in a year)

If you are reading this request we ask that you reach out to us via the email link – for more information. Giving an African child an education is an opportunity for a long healthy life.

Please continue to keep our children in your prayers.

Home Schooling Program August – December 2021

After re-opening the schools in January / February 2021, one semester of in-school classes were completed by all children.  In June, because of the second / third wave of the Covid19 virus, the Ugandan government again closed all schools.  After a (42) days full lock-down, a partial lock-down was instituted.  Included in this partial lock-down was that all schools would continued to be closed for at least an additional (60) days.  In August MCC Kampala instituted our Second Home Schooling Program per the guidelines of the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports.   At this time we are providing paper handouts, teachers (one on one and group teaching), and delivery to the students.  Our students include as many MCC Kampala students as we can reach plus support one of our partner orphanages “Kids Gear Children Orphanage”.   We are looking for financial sponsors to help in supporting this outreach.  The monthly cost for the program is USD $420 / UGX  1486382.  Any donations would  be greatly appreciated. 

Welcome Back to Our Children

On Sunday May 23rd 2021 after a year of being away MCC Kampala finally welcomed their children back to our Children’s Ministry.  In total we welcomed forty three (43) of our children with singing and dancing, a small meal of rice, and many feelings of gratitude for their return.  Although Covid is not going away anytime soon in Kampala life is slowly proceeding cautiously.  It is always about the children.

Home Schooling Program April – November 2020

During Covid19 all schools closed down in March of 2020. MCC Kampala in April started a Home Schooling Program for our children in which leaning materials were shared with our children and other local children. Individual scholarship children received weekly visits from teachers who we were able to hire. Chaplain Denis Iraguha Founder and Senior Pastor coordinated and oversaw this project.

Children enjoying there new tables and chairs

As 2019 comes to an end it will be the completion of three years since MCC Kampala – TLAYF was established as a local grassroots organization serving the local community in Kampala Uganda.  Much has happen and our future looks bright.  Chaplain Denis Iraguha and myself, Wendy LaChaunce, would like to thank all our friends and supporters for all that has been accomplished.  We would especially like to thank Church of the Trinity MCC in Sarasota Florida for each month financially contributing to our success.   God just is not done with us yet.

MCC Kampala – TLAYF 2019 Christmas Party.  Fun time for all.  No one ever turned away.  God is good – all the time.

Each Sunday our young children start gathering at 3:00 pm for hymns and ryhmns.   Our ministry is overseen by Apostle Isaac with lessons being shared by teacher Madam Nabukenya Rebecca.  Our children share stories and experiences of their lives. They gather together in prayers. At the end of each service a meal of porridge and bread are given to each child. All children are welcome to attend and participate in this weekly celebration of our love of Jesus. 

Our Children’s Ministry is growing  November 2018

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