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MCC Kampala Community Outreach Local Food Pantry June 2021

In June the second / third wave of the Covid19 virus, along with the multiple variants associated with the virus, forced a full lock-down of the country of Uganda. MCC Kampala is a small grassroots church / medical clinic located in the heart of Kampala. Under the direction of Chaplain Denis Iraguha a team was created to help our local church members and community with bi-weekly Free Food Pantry. Started in June and continuing as of this posted today, an average of forty five (45) families (over 200 adults and children benefit). each family is given food including posha flour, sugar, salt, beans, rice, and soap. It is our desire to continue this outreach for as long as the lock-down is in place and our limited funds allow. We are grateful that our God is in control with guidance and gratitude.

In October 8th through October 17th two members of MCC Church of the Trinity from Sarasota, Florida visited MCC Kampala – TLAYF. Highlights of the visit are listed:

  • Carried on the plane were 300 pounds (136 kilograms) of gifted supplies including, hygiene, condoms, clothing, both adult / children, (50) MCC shirts, school supplies, start up supplies for the beauty salon, clinic first aid supplies, bibles donated by Trinity, underwear of all sizes for both children and adults, reusable sanitary napkins for the young girls and women, and of course toys.
  • Twenty five (25) sets of bedding were purchased and handed out to our children and their families – children  mattresses, bedsheets, mosquito nets
  • Established a revolving line of credit to cover startup cost associated with Beauty Salon – sixteen month (16) repayment period
  • Purchased twenty five (25) adult chairs, fifty (50) children’s chair and seven (7) children’s tables for worship
  • Hosted a Children’s Party on Saturday October 12th with gifts and meal provided – over sixty children and their families attended
  • Visited home of referral family to deliver bedding for three (3) children.  One child with severe case of malaria taken to clinic and three day course of IV treatment provided
  • Educational classes hosted for the women on the proper use of re-usable sanitary napkins
  • Educational classes hosted for the men on safe sex, STD’s, and proper use of condoms
  • Attended and participated in MCC Kampala – TLAYF Sunday  Worship – gifts disturbed to adult members and community meal provided for all that attended – attendance one hundred and fifty (150) plus – no one turned away
  • Attended monthly meeting with HIV Support Group answering questions and sharing Hope
  • Purchased medication for HIV support group members – many suffering from fungal infections
  • Secured funding for one (1) child’s 2020 Annual Educational School fees

This was an incredible visit and a great time for both churches to grow closer as partners doing God’s work

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