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The Liberty Medical Center is located in Nansana Along Hoima Road, Kumusanyu Munana Ocheng Zone

Contact Information: P.O. Box 29268, Kampala Uganda

Telephone Number +256778080471

Work Email:

Facebook – MCC Kampala – TLAYF


In January 2021 MCC Kampala and Church of the Trinity MCC joined into a partnership called “Follow a Star Find a Child”.  This partnership is in support of our local MCC Kampala children, by helping on a monthly bases to purchase much needed HIV medication, other needed medications, nutritious foods as well as other routine needs.  We are blessed by this partnership.  If anyone is interested in becoming a supporter please feel free to contact us via this website or our Facebook page “MCC Kampala – TLAYF”

Children Benefiting and Outcomes 2021“Follow a Star Find a Child”

MonthChildren Benefiting Clinic Visits  Medication Received   Nutrition and HygieneOther
  LRMCCOCHTotalHIV / AIDSMalariaParasitesInfections  
January2212 51720061622 
February298126262203262930 Nets
March321510732260832324 pairs of shoes 
April3112  10 3129 4631 31School
May26 10   8 1919  119 26  
June35 14 13 3525 4 35 35  
July30  9 16  3030 930 30 5 pairs of shoes 
August4318 18 4331 10 27 (2TB)43 5 pairs of shoes 
September35 12  17 6 3525 29 35 50 french cabbages 
October29  17 5 2925  329 29 10 pairs of shoes 
November28  21 5 2821 17 28 86 pairs of shoes 
December31 24 7 3122 2 2731 
Totals 406166 171 71 406 33149 56 316406  

Clinics Liberty Revival Medical Centre (LR)

            MCC Kampala (MCC)

            Other Local Clinics or Hospitals (OCH)

Meds & Clinic = Visits to Liberty Revival Medical Centre overseen by  Metropolitan Communities

Treatment Out = Visits to other local clinics and hospitals

(30) Mosquito Nets Purchased

(4) Pairs of Shoes Purchased

Schools supplies donated by Dr. David Williams – schoolbags, pencils, pens, sharpeners, colored pencils, crayons 

In May two (2) children with typhoid and one (1) with acute asthma attack treated.  Required overnight clinic stay for IV antibiotics.

In June seven children treated with IV antibiotics.  Second wave of Covid19 forced a lock-down of the country.  Many treated for cold and flu with antibiotics, cough suppressants and fever reducers.  Covid treatment the same.    

July (5) pairs of shoes via individual donor – full lock-down still in effect

August (5) pairs of shoes via individual donor – partial lock-down in effect


02RTI(pneumonia, cough, flue.)0817151920212017
05HELIMINTHIASIS (Parasites)0504030507020810
06DENTAL CARIES0103020100000000
07SKIN DISEASES0002000100000100
10MTB(Mycobacteria tuberculosis)0000000000000202

          The above summary report of child supporting project focuses on child well-being both physical, social and mental. The activity project targets children who are needy, desperate and HIV positive living.

         This is done through; 1: nutritional support through health education and provision of some food stuffs.     2.Medical support treatment.  3.Psycho social support through guidance and counseling AND sharing  spiritual word of God.

However, there are more  children who need the same support from us but our supplies are not enough. Thanks to everyone who is supporting us to do this work, may God bless you abundantly.                                                                  


We are thankful for our partnership with local clinics and healthcare providers May 2021

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