Liberty Medical Center

The Liberty Medical Center is located in Nansana Along Hoima Road, Kumusanyu Munana Ocheng Zone

Contact Information: P.O. Box 29268, Kampala Uganda

Telephone Number +256778080471

Work Email:

Facebook – MCC Kampala – TLAYF


In January 2021 MCC Kampala and Church of the Trinity MCC joined into a partnership called “Adopt a Child”.  This partnership is in support of our local MCC Kampala children, by helping on a monthly bases to purchase much needed HIV medication, other needed medications, nutritious foods as well as other routine needs.  We are blessed by this partnership.  If anyone is interested in becoming a supporter please feel free to contact us via this website or our Facebook page “MCC Kampala – TLAYF”

Children Benefiting and Outcomes 2021

MonthChildren Benefiting Clinic Visits  Medication Received   Nutrition and HygieneOther
  LRMCCOCHTotalHIV / AIDSMalariaParasitesInfections  
January2212 51720061622 
February298126262203262930 Nets
March321510732260832324 pairs of shoes 
April3112  10 3129 4631 31School
May26 10  8 1919  119 26  

Clinics Liberty Revival Medical Centre (LR)

            MCC Kampala (MCC)

            Other Local Clinics or Hospitals (OCH)

Meds & Clinic = Visits to Liberty Revival Medical Centre overseen by  Metropolitan Communities

Treatment Out = Visits to other local clinics and hospitals

(30) Mosquito Nets Purchased

4 Pairs of Shoes for school

School Supplies

We are thankful for our partnership with local clinics and healthcare providers May 2021

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