MCC Kampala – TLAYF Update During the

Covid19 Virus August 2020

August 2020 update.

Even as Kampala is still under a lock-down from the Covid19 virus, TLAYF clinic has been actively reaching out to our local HIV referral group as best we can.  Here is Chaplain Denis Iraguha, with support of one of our local nurses, meeting  with a group of people for support counseling, medical health checkup, and the sharing of nutritious food.  Assistance is offered whenever able and the budget permits.  Checkups on our referral people continues on a monthly basis, mostly done via mobile outreach.  Please whoever reads this keep MCC Kampala – TLAYF, as well as all of the Ugandan people in your prayers.  Times are tough.   

MCC Kampala – TLAYF Update During the Covid19 Virus

Greetings to all.

 Just an update to what has been happening these now past three months with MCC Kampala – TLAYF and the Covid19 virus.  Like many other countries, Uganda has issued a lock-down for it’s people.  Thus MCC Kampala – TLAYF, both the clinic and the church have been closed to clients and onsite worship services.  But the good news is that Chaplain Denis Iraguha has been able to stay in touch with his church members as well as his HIV / AIDS referral group clients.  He has also been counseling others who the Covid19 virus is taking it’s toll on mentally, physically and spiritually.  All this has been done via telephone.

Chaplain Denis has come across many problems but the biggest being getting food to all our members / clients.  He has been working with a local boda boda driver making sure that any who have asked has received food or funds to purchase. All have been cared for.

Now his next big challenge is making sure all our scholarship children (12 total) and other church children receive their school assignments in a timely manner.  Internet and other forms of technology are very limited thus all assignments much be printed out and hand delivered.  As recently noted by the government, the children will not be going back to school this semester but will be expected to take their exams in June.  Thus learning must continue under the guidance of each family or guardian.

We ask you for your continued prayers and please know that we, the family of MCC Kampala – TLAYF, will continue to prayer for all as together we navigate this Covid19 virus. 


MCC Kampala – TLAYF Adult Education Classes January 2020

MCC Kampala Adult Education Classes started today January 30th, 2020!!! WOW

MCC Kampala – TLAYF -These Adult Education classes have been in our dreams for the last two years. Finally today we started with two of our members teachers overseeing the schooling, Maria Kaitesi and SSonko Richard. Our members are excited about learning the skills of reading and writing and finally able to officially sign their names. Learning not only in Luganda but also in English.

Just in case you don’t realize it THIS IS A VERY BIG DEAL

If there is anyone / organization out there that would like to partner with us on this ministry please message me. Education is what enhances the lives of every African person.

Thanks to all of our committed supporters especially Church of the Trinity MCC in Sarasota, Fl. God is good, all the time.

As 2019 comes to an end it will be the completion of three years since MCC Kampala – TLAYF was established as a local grassroots organization serving the local community in Kampala Uganda.  Much has happen and our future looks bright.  Chaplain Denis Iraguha and myself, Wendy LaChaunce, would like to thank all our friends and supporters for all that has been accomplished.  We would especially like to thank Church of the Trinity MCC in Sarasota Florida for each month financially contributing to our success.   God just is not done with us yet.

MCC Kampala – TLAYF 2019 Christmas Party.  Fun time for all.  No one ever turned away.  God is good – all the time.

On October 8th through October 17th two members of MCC Church of the Trinity from Sarasota, Florida visited MCC Kampala – TLAYF. Highlights of the visit are listed:

  • Carried on the plane were 300 pounds (136 kilograms) of gifted supplies including, hygiene, condoms, clothing, both adult / children, (50) MCC shirts, school supplies, start up supplies for the beauty salon, clinic first aid supplies, bibles donated by Trinity, underwear of all sizes for both children and adults, reusable sanitary napkins for the young girls and women, and of course toys.
  • Twenty five (25) sets of bedding were purchased and handed out to our children and their families – children  mattresses, bedsheets, mosquito nets
  • Established a revolving line of credit to cover startup cost associated with Beauty Salon – sixteen month (16) repayment period
  • Purchased twenty five (25) adult chairs, fifty (50) children’s chair and seven (7) children’s tables for worship
  • Hosted a Children’s Party on Saturday October 12th with gifts and meal provided – over sixty children and their families attended
  • Visited home of referral family to deliver bedding for three (3) children.  One child with severe case of malaria taken to clinic and three day course of IV treatment provided
  • Educational classes hosted for the women on the proper use of re-usable sanitary napkins
  • Educational classes hosted for the men on safe sex, STD’s, and proper use of condoms
  • Attended and participated in MCC Kampala – TLAYF Sunday  Worship – gifts disturbed to adult members and community meal provided for all that attended – attendance one hundred and fifty (150) plus – no one turned away
  • Attended monthly meeting with HIV Support Group answering questions and sharing Hope
  • Purchased medication for HIV support group members – many suffering from fungal infections
  • Secured funding for one (1) child’s 2020 Annual Educational School fees

This was an incredible visit and a great time for both churches to grow closer as partners doing God’s work

MCC Kampala Palisa Second Annual Community Outreach

MCC Kampala on August 20th through August 22th traveled to Butebo Presbyterian Church in North Eastern Uganda in a joint community outreach project. Under the direction of Chaplain Denis Iraguha our group was able to present to the local people educational training in the areas of Liquid Soap Making and Leather Book Making. Over the course of these two days many people attended these trainings acquiring much needed skills for the potential of starting up their own small business. We were blessed by the hospitality of all helped make this event a success and a hand up for so many.

MCC Kampala Children Ministry – Educational Scholarship Program

MCC Kampala is looking for sponsors to help our Children attain an education for success in life. At this time we have five children sponsored with limited support to others. If sponsoring a child is something you would like to partner with us please see the information below.

Teacher Madam Sauda and her students

MCC Kampala Children Ministry

Educational Scholarship Program

Fees associated with a child attending a primary / secondary modest school

A school year consist of three (3) semesters each (3) months

First semester (February – April) Payment due the middle of January

Semester Fee $150.00

Registration Fee $10.00

Shoes     $20.00

Uniform $30.00

Supplies $20.00

Second semester (June – August) Payment due the middle of May

Semester Fee $150.00

Supplies $20.00

Third Semester (October – December) Payment due the middle of August

Semester Fee $150.00

Supplies $20.00

Annual Total – $560.00


Please contact: Wendy LaChaunce

Emerging Church Administrator

MCC Church of the Trinity


Facebook – MCC Kampala-TLAYF

Website –

Chaplain Denis Iraguha Senior Pastor MCC Kampala TLAYF

P.O.Box 29268

Kampala (ug)

Tel: +256-778-080-471


On January 15th 2019 MCC Kampala – TLAYF offered a free Voluntary Counseling Testing (VCT) Day to our Children and other Children within our local ministry community. On this day eight three (83) children were tested. Twenty seven (27) children are now living + iv. Fifty six (56) children are now living – iv. We are blessed to now have these children in our lives and in our referral system.

Merry Christmas to all from MCC Kampala – TLAYF

Chaplain Denis Iraguha and Apostles Isaac and Clinton will be preaching

So proud of MCC Kampala offering this joint conference with Butero Presbyterian Church to local spiritual leaders in Kampala.  Thank you Chaplain Denis Iraguha and Apostle Isaac for your leadership.  Dec 4th and 5th Butebo Church 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. All Welcome 

Our joint conference with Butero Presbyterian Church was received well. So many life’s touched. The word of God’s love,  blessings of hope and healing via anointing, gifts of clothing, food, and drink shared with all unconditionally.   Fellowship established between the two churches with promises to friendships into the future.  

Leather Book Training Graduates 

In September / October of 2018 TLAYF and Destiny International Business Institute (DIBI) offered its first Short Educational Course to the young adults in our local community.  This course, “Leather Book Making” was offered over the time period of seven days. Because we were able to plan and secure financial funds all associated cost were covered and each student was able to attend without any financial hardship.  This program was attended by sixteen (16) students, each completed the course and received their certification in “Leather Book Making”. The books that were made are now being marketed to local schools, we hope to join in annual partnership with these schools providing school books for their children. All profits from the sale of the books will go back into TLAYF small business endeavor where members will continue to produce books and oversee all aspects of this business. Cost associated with this outreach totaled 2395780 UGX or $685 USD.

Voluntary Counseling and Testing March 2018 

Liberty Revival Medical Centre offers free Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) annually to our local community.  We have partners with local physicians, nurses, and laboratory technicians to provide reliable testing. Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) for HIV usually involves two counseling sessions: one prior to taking the test known as”pre-test counseling” and one following the HIV test when the results are given, often referred to as “post-test counseling”. Counseling focuses on the infection (HIV), the disease (AIDS), the test, and positive behavior change.   Our center often use rapid HIV tests that require a drop of blood; the tests are cheap, require minimal training, and provide accurate results in about 15 minutes.

VCT community outreach days take place one to four times per year. 

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